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Pussy Heaven!

March 26, 2009 | | Comments Off

Some of you would say I'm a lucky mother fucker and I would say.. your right!   I will admit that today is one of those days I'll always remember because I had the chance to be not only with one honey but with two pretty latinas.  Gigi Spice and Maria.   Both babes came over to my house to visit me and one thing led to another.  It started outside by the swimming pool with some fooling around and soon after we headed onto the porch.   Once we got onto the porch Gigi and Maria started fooling around with each other.  Fellow I couldn't wait to jump in there.  It was like pussy heaven!

Schools Out!

March 19, 2009 | | Comments Off

Pigtails, schoolgirl outfit, high heels, and a big fucking apple.. What does that mean?  It doesn't mean shit. Expect for the fact that the hot Maria is dressing up as a school girl with her hair in pigtails and carrying a big apple.  I love when Maria comes over to hangout because she is so damn adorable.  Maria looks very charming as she sits on the path playing with herself.  And there's more than meets the eye with that big apple she's carrying.  Schools out and its time to play! Click here to see more.

Creamy Ending!

March 12, 2009 | | Comments Off

The busty little Mara returns for some more pretty hardcore action.  I get a lot of requests for Mara and I can see why. From those pretty eyes to her big tits and tight ass.  This beauty might be small in stature but is a giant when it comes to sucking and fucking.  Mara begins with sucking my cock and looking at me with those fucking awesome eyes.  It didn't take long for this gal to jump on top of me and bury every inch of my knob deep inside her.   She has so much energy and you can see how much she loves to have sex.  A creamy ending to a great day! Click here to see more!

Hello world!

January 5, 2009 | | Comments Off

Welcome to Porn Hub Pics. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

Pink Lovers!

December 18, 2008 | | Comments Off

Today I bring you the very popular Tania along with her gorgeous friend Sofia. Nothing like seeing 2 pretty latinas alone in bed dressing in pink babydolls! I could see both gals were feeling horny even before I started filming. They could barely keep their hands off of each other. This section of the video shows just how much Sofia enjoys playing with Tania's pussy. They get into everything from fingering, dildo fucking to Sofia burying her tongue inside Tania's love bud.mIt was now Tania's turn to return the favor. She begins with rubbing Sofia's clitoris and fingering her wet vagina. I don't know about you but I love watching two beautiful honeys go at each other and these cutie pies don't disappoint. After Tania gets Sofia going with some tongue action she than breaks out the purple vibrator and fucks Sofia's tight wet crack. Of course Sofia has a surprise for Tania since she's been so giving Click here to see more.

One Excited Latina!

December 11, 2008 | | Comments Off

I try to listen to members requests and whenever possible to make them a reality. I've gotten tons of requests to do more schoolgirl themed scenes so with that in mind today I present one of the hottest schoolgirls I know. Isabella. She looks un-fucking believable in her schoolgirl outfit. Not only is this latina hot but she loves to masturbate. I mean all you have to do is watch the last part of this video when she cums. She almost explodes.. shit my cock almost exploded filming her! Click here to see more.

Chica Hermosa!

December 5, 2008 | | Comments Off

I remember shooting Sofia's first solo masturbation scene and wondering what it would be like to fuck this honey. Sofia is a slim blond latina who is very sexual but than again I don't think I know any latinas who aren't sexual animals! That being said Sofia and I were walking around the grounds and I think she could tell from the bulge in my pants that I was I figured why the fuck not. We're all alone here so lets have a little fun together. This babe drilled me until I exploded deep inside her pussy. I think I need to invite her back for seconds. Click here to see more.

Spread Wide Open!

November 28, 2008 | | Comments Off

A lot of you responded very well to Maria's first scene so I decided to shoot this gal again. Maria is very glamorous and her voice fits the way she looks to a tee. She has this kind of minnie mouse voice that sounds so fucking cute. So Maria is sitting alone on the porch enjoying the hot day. She told me she loves to play with herself so I told her. Why not show me how you like to play. Well she didn't waste no time, spreading her pussy wide open for all to see. Don't let the innocent voice fool you, this latina doesn't have a shy bone in her body. From the day I met Maria I knew she had that latina passion we all come to admire. Keep in mind Maria has never done this before in front of cameras. She does masturbate when she is alone but never with a camera in her face.Maria gave us all a birds eye view deep inside her love bud in part one but now in part two she is ready to bring her blue toy into play. Sitting on the wooden chair with her legs spread wide open Maria buries her vibrator deep inside her wet vagina. Later she fingers and rubs her wet crack until she lets out a little squirt at the end. Click here to see more.

Pussy Heaven

November 21, 2008 | | Comments Off

Whats better than one glamorous latina? Maybe two gorgeous latinas playing soccer or at least attempting to play soccer. Both Gigi and Sofia are cute as shit so I think we'll overlook the fact that they can't play soccer. More interesting to me was when they starting to fool around with each other and started kissing. Later in part one of this scene Gigi gets a mouthful of Sofia's pussy… now that's fucking entertainment! So Gigi gets the vibrator and fucks Sofia hard with it. You can see how much Sofia loves it and I think Gigi loved giving it to her. Later in the scene Sofia returns the favor and licks Gigi's pussy and slams her love bud with another toy. I can tell how much they loved trying to get each other off and I was very happy to capture it all on tape.One of my favorite positions to see a glamorous cutie in is when she is on all fours. Nothing like seeing a fine ass pointing up to the sky. The final part of this scene picks up with Sofia bending over while Gigi fucks the shit out of her vagina with the blue vibrator. These honeys really like each other and you can tell just how much by watching them work each others snatches over! Click here to see more.

Isabella Returns

November 13, 2008 | | Comments Off

I have good news for all you Isabella fans.  She is back on Pacino's Adventures with some very beautiful episodes.  For those of you who don't know the history of this website.  Isabella was the first girl to appear here.  She was working for a cell phone company when I discoverd this first time latina.  She is excellent to watch because you just know she is loves every minute.   Today she is dressed up in her doll costume and I must say she looks fucking adorable.  So sit back and strap yourself in because Isabella is about to take you for a ride!  Click here to see more.